Shawn Fenty

The bicycle has been Shawn's constant companion since his training wheels came off 47 years ago. But it wasn't until he saw American Greg Lemond competing for the yellow jersey in the 1985 Tour De France that he knew that racing his bicycle was something he must do! 30+ years, and hundreds of races later, that passion burns undiminished.

Shawn's very first team was Century Bicycle Racing Club, the precursor to DC Velo, so in a way he has been with the team since the beginning. Like his favorite car, the KIA SOUL, Shawn is a sleek, powerful "all arounder".

And like the SOUL, his great handling agility, years of racing experience, and willingness to work for team goals, make him a valued member of the masters race team. "Their is no 'I' in DC VELO or Team Buyer Auto!" Along with his wife, Kimberly, Shawn is co-owner of FLEET FEET Sports/Adams Morgan, where his passion for the fitness lifestyle has extended to helping the local community successfully reach their fitness goals for over thirty years. He continues to exude the ethos of a line often shares with his friends, customers and teammates - Be The Movement.

My Dream Car: Kia Soul

“Is a sleek, powerful all arounder.”

- Shawn Fenty

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