Paul Morse

Like a cliché, Paul’s interest in cycling started when he was a kid riding his bike as fast as he could. But his passion truly bloomed as a teenager living in Southern California where he would participate in group road rides and fundraising rides with his father. His passion for road riding continued as an adult, but he became more interested in racing after moving east to D.C.

Paul’s first race was in Pasadena when he was 30. His first road race in the DC area was a stage race in Lancaster County Pennsylvania as a Cat 5. He placed third overall and was hooked on racing finally reaching Cat 3.

Continuing the altruism taught by his father, each year Paul participates in the W100K, a ride that President George W. Bush holds each year at his ranch in Texas for wounded veterans. Combining his cycling skills and profession of photography, Paul captures this inspirational experience on an emotional and physical level. Paul says, "The men and women who, with various degrees of physical challenges, participate in the event continue to be an inspiration as they create a unique bonding experience through doing something physically challenging."

Paul joined DC Velo in 2006 because the team had a reputation for strong riders who were also outstanding people who cared about promoting the sport on and off the bike.

My Dream Car: XC-60

“The all wheel drive is stable in all kinds of slick weather and it can easily carry my bike in the back.”

- Paul Morse

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