Kevin Gottlieb

Kevin Gottlieb’s dedication to endurance bike racing started in his family’s TV room when at just 14 years old his parents kicked him off the couch and onto the bike path. Weekend 5k runs with the parents turned into local triathlons and ultimately lead to the bicycle. Soon thereafter, Kevin caught the racing bug and spent his junior years chasing bike races throughout the MABRA region. As a U23 rider he split his time between semesters studying at the University of Virginia and summers pursuing the hardest bike races in the country. The two years after graduation were spent racing for a professional UCI Continental racing team where his experience extended beyond the US to places like China, South Africa and Azerbaijan. The penultimate race of his professional career was the 2015 Tour of Utah where he helped teammate Chris Horner place 5th.

Kevin joined DC Velo in 2016 as an opportunity to be a member of a team known for more than just being the fastest, most successful team in the region. He joined because he believed in the community of riders who share in their appreciation of the sport. His contribution to the team is noticed most as a stalwart of the DC Velo lead-train, helping teammates dominate in sprints. Apart from winning bike races, Kevin considers there no better way to enjoy a weekend ride than with a group of fellow DV Velo mates. And if he had to pick a non-bicycle ride, it would the the Volkswagen Toureg. Long legs need a bit of space to stretch out in.

My Dream Car: Volkswagen Toureg

“I think this is the best looking SUV right now.”

- Kevin Gottlieb

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