DJ Brew

DJ came into the sport of cycling after being a runner in high school, throughout college and even after graduating. Back then, he recalls, “I would do a lot of my runs at Hains Point where I would see the noon ride or the evening ride come storming past me and it looked like they were having much more fun!” Before he knew it, he had hopped on his dad's flat bar road bike, that was one size too big, so that he could hop in with the group ride and he was hooked.

Over the years, DJ has amassed a lot of experience and evolved into what he calls “pretty decent sprinter”. He finally got the call up to the big leagues to join DC Velo - what he affectionately calls “The Greatest Team On Earth”. DJ continues to get excited about the ongoing opportunity to learn from guys who he had always admired in his cycling community. From his perspective, it's not often you get to learn from national and world champs and see firsthand what makes a great team, and what makes it work no matter how many guys show up on race day.

DJ continues to embody the team mantra of unselfishly giving of yourself to accomplish the goal of winning the race. His belief in the full commitment of all of his teammates to support a common race goal makes everything so much easier. And he believes that this ethos trickles down to how the team interacts off the track. Everyone seems to believe in simply helping everyone else out where they can - even when off the bike.

DJ continues to be embody the spirit and attitude that makes in his words DC Velo/Team Beyer Auto not just a band of brothers, but one of the “greatest teams on earth”. So like his desire for being quick, but also having all the benefits of a great team, it’s no surprise that his pick of the Beyer lot is the Kia Optima.

My Dream Car: Kia Optima

“It has the looks. It has the performance. It has all the bells and whistles. But it still allows me to buy another bike at the end of the day.”

- DJ Brew

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